Ep 93.2: Web3 for the Economically Marginalised | Geoffrey See (CEO, Poko DAO & WEF Young Global Leader)

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What does it mean to be the underdogs? One of the economically marginalised? Unable to open a bank account, cash a cheque… all the things that most of us would take for granted?

Geoffrey See - World Economic Forum Young Global Leader & serial entrepreneur - knows this well, because of his extensive work as a social entrepreneur in North Korea via Choson Exchange.

But after 11 years, Geoffrey knew that it was time to move on. 

And in this episode (Part 2), we cover Geoffrey’s journey into the Web3 space. Why his experiences working in North Korea and Vietnam opened his eyes to the potential of blockchain, what he’s aiming to achieve with his new Y Combinator-backed startup, Poko, and his collaboration with the Kazakhstan government to provide the legal wrapper that many DAOs need but struggle to implement.


  • Introduction to Web3
  • Being economically marginalised
  • Is the ethos behind blockchain flawed?
  • What are DAOs?
  • Investment DAOs versus a Traditional VC
  • Reward mechanism
  • Proposals
  • Hallmarks of a successful DAO
  • Working with the Kazakhstan government 
  • Why pick the Astana International Financial Centre? 

If you’d like to learn about Geoffrey’s childhood and his experiences working in North Korea via Choson Exchange (it was turned into a Harvard Business School case study!), do head over to STIMY 93 Part 1 for a listen!

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